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Ching & Brad

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We're loving these photos from Ching and Brad's Portland wedding because they show how the couple incorporated culture and family traditions into their wedding day to make it more personal.  They chose a traditional chinese color palette, had a tea ceremony and a chinese dragon dance.  Angela from Tekoa Ros... read more

Emerald Green With Envy

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Photo Source • Betteridge Pin It
Saint Patrick's day might be over but green is still in.  Everything from the popularity of the blockbuster hit Oz: The Great and Powerful and Pantone proclaiming emerald the color of the year to the color popping up in fashion and design everywhere is definitely making people green with envy. Emerald Eng... read more
Boutonnieres come in all shapes and sizes.  If you're planning a handmade wedding, DIY boutonnieres are a fun wedding project that probably won't be too time consuming.  Rather than making 150 DIY wedding favors, boutonnieres would be reserved for just the guys in your wedding party.  A much more manageabl... read more
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I have a confession.  I am a total simpleton.  Therefore, I am really easily amused...and can usually find something fun in just about anything.  Today, I am finding much joy in paper...yes, paper.  But, this is not your everyday paper kids...this is paper that actually grows! Say WHAT?!  I am talking ab... read more