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Sarah-Jayne & Dave

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Talk about unique spaces... Sarah-Jayne and Dave chose a super cool venue for their Chicago wedding.  The ceremony and reception were held at Salvage One, a large venue filled to the brim with salvaged art, furniture and decor.  There was no shortage of backdrops for their wedding photos. Kate Miller Pho... read more

Promise To Marry

author , posted in Jewelry & Rings
Photo Source • Mervis Diamond Pin It
Love feels like it's in the air everyday in the Spring. It's easy to fall in love during this time when everything is anew. The engagement ring's history has encompassed many different traditions and the ring itself has been considered significant for a number of different reasons.  Many may not know the ... read more
How many times a day do you look at your computer... or better yet, your phone?  I'd have to say that my number would be about a million and one. Ok, maybe not that many.  But a lot.  Whether I'm checking email, the time or anything else for that matter, I catch a glimpse of my phone and computer screens q... read more