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Grooms Get Your Vest On!

author , posted in Fashion
I have never really been a fan of vests for guys. Period. Not in everyday life... and especially not on a momentous occasion like a wedding. Seems harsh, I know. All I could ever picture were those old school acetate-lined tuxedo vests. Which, let's face it…aren't the most fashionable… and might actually ... read more

Rebecca & Evan

author , posted in Weddings
Light and airy, this waterfront wedding was simply lovely.  Portrait Design by Shanti photographed Rebecca and Evan's beachy-chic wedding in style. Shanti:  Rebecca and Evan chose to have their wedding on top of a grassy bluff that overlooks the very scenic harbor of Half Moon Bay, Ca. Simple, beachy, a... read more
Perfect for warm, sunny days... today's Pretty Palette is a combination of bright oranges, yellows and green.  These beautiful blooms would be a great fit for summer wedding colors and are from a super sweet garden wedding shoot that we featured here on WedLoft a few weeks back. You could use these colors... read more