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10 DIY Vases

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It's been quite a while since I've shared a DIY post with you!  Today I've rounded up some really fun tutorials for DIY vases.  Any of these could be displayed in your home as unique pieces or incorporated into your wedding reception decor. Click on any of the images to jump to the full tutorial. 1. O... read more

Etiquette Emergency 8/15/13

author , posted in Etiquette/Support
MOTHER OF THE BRIDE ATTIRE Q: I am terrified of what my mother will wear to the wedding. I love her very much, but she still thinks she can fit into a size 4 and pull off a style designed for a much younger woman. How can I help her to find something more refined? A: Plan a special day just for the two of... read more

Fave Finds: Slim Fit Groom Suits

author , posted in Fashion
Many grooms are wearing suits on their wedding day rather than a tux.  Stylish suits come in all kinds of cool styles and colors.  I'm especially loving the trendy slim fit suit for grooms lately.  Nothing says modern style better than a handsome groom rocking attire that is slim and trim with a perfect fi... read more