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I like bright colors. For me, the brighter the better.  I especially love lime green weddings for summer.  This particular hue of green feels fun, fresh, and a little bit sassy.  Lime green also looks fabulous paired with almost any other color.  No joke!  I have seen this color mixed with pinks, purples... read more

Nicole & Will

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Sara Smile Photography is here with us today to share Nicole and Will's Boston engagement shoot.  The couple chose to highlight the city they live in with their engagement photos so they shot in Charlestown in the Boston area. Sara:  Nicole and Will are saying I Do in September at the Glen Manor House i... read more
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Why would a guide discuss DON’Ts rather than DOs? Because a list of what shouldn’t be done immediately defines boundaries – warning us of the inhospitable, keeping us away from edges of cliffs. Since the writing of wedding vows is uncharted territory to many, below is the gist of DON’Ts for couples wi... read more
From major craft stores to Etsy sellers, there are so many resources for buying letters, and wood-cut words to use in your decor for wedding signs.  Using these options for monogram displays, directional signs or to spell out words is a great was to personalize your event. Today I've rounded up a little s... read more