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Laura & Chris

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This wedding had me at "DIY backyard wedding" and totally exceeded my expectations.  Brooke Price Photography will fill you in on all the wonderful details this wedding entailed...  Brooke:  Laura + Chris's intimate backyard wedding proves that keeping it simple and personal is the best combination for ... read more

Peach Bouquets

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I'm totally smitten with peach lately!   Peach works well with weddings in any season and can be used along side lots of other colors to give completely different looks that are fabulous.  Today I'm especially loving peach wedding bouquets.  So, as usual, I've rounded up some of my favorites to share with... read more

Natalie & Joey

author , posted in Engagements
Today we have some very sweet photos from Marc at Lens and Luma Photography.  He  got together with Natalie and Joey this summer for and engagement shoot at Theodore Wirth Park. Marc:  The engagement shoot took place in late July at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis, MN. This garden is ... read more