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Wendy & Kwan

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Erika from Ten-2-Ten Photography met with Wendy and Kwan for a sweet engagement shoot at German Mill's Settlers Park in ON, Canada. Erika:  Wendy and Kwan are an amazing couple who never let the thousands of miles that often separate them dim the spark of their love.  Kwan, a preacher, and Wendy, a flig... read more
Photo Source • Picky Palate Pin It
I've said it before and I'll say it again... sometimes the most beautiful colors palettes can be found in food styling and recipe photos!  And that, my friends, makes for a double whammy... a lovely color combo PLUS a yummy treat.  What more could you ask for? So this week's wedding color inspiration com... read more

Megan & Thomas

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This engagement sesh by the Big Sur Coastline is quite simple yet super sweet!  Brandon and Erin from B&E Photographs got together with Megan and Thomas and these adorable photos were the result!! B&E Photographs:  Megan and Thomas are totally rad, genuine people. They are having a whimsical and ... read more
Photo Source • So Frickin Cute Pin It
Today is a perfect day for an Etsy Eye Candy post!  Agreed?  Good.  This one is all about fall weddings.  Fall is my favorite season of the year... and also one of my favorite times to poke around on Etsy.  The fabulous hand-makers out there seem to embrace this wonderful season by coming out with some t... read more

Wedloft Weighs In: The Bouqs

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The other day we received a bright and cheery surprise delivered right to our door! The wonderful team over at The Bouqs sent us the Confetti Bouq which is a colorful collection of lovely, farm-fresh premium roses. In our opinion, the perfect way to brighten anyone’s day! Our bouquet came to us straight ... read more