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April & Mike

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Photo Source • Infused Studios Pin It
It's always fun to see engagement photos that give a glimpse of the couple's interests and personalities.  These photos from April and Mike's yoga engagement shoot with Infused Studios do just that! ... And how cool are these tandem yoga poses?? Infused Studios:  April + Mike are adorable! Their super sw... read more
Photo Source • CKB Photography Pin It
Peachy and Coral hues are some of my favorites!  And this week's pretty palette is chock-full of them!  Featured over on Inspired by this, this lovely English Countryside Wedding is overflowing with the most lovely of colors! From stunning florals to charming decor, these colors are the perfect fit for a... read more

Laura & Travis

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Peggy from JAY TSAI Photography got together with Laura and Travis for a San Francisco engagement shoot and is sharing some of her favorite shots with us today! Peggy:  For Laura and Travis' engagement shoot, they wanted to revisit some of their favorite spots and things to do around the San Francisco Ba... read more
There is a surprising formality in wedding invitation design. It isn't your basic party invitation, after all. There are clear etiquette dos and don'ts. For instance, knowing how to address someone is always a bit confusing. What is proper these days? Ms., Miss, Dr., Captain, first names, middle initials -- t... read more