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DIY projects are becoming more and more popular... especially for weddings.  Wedding projects are no longer reserved for just "crafty" brides.  Couples everywhere are jumping in a making details for their wedding day.  This past year we shared a whole bunch of wonderful DIY posts with you and they are all ... read more

2013 Recap: Hair & Beauty Inspiration

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Selecting a hairstyle for your wedding day is an important decision!  With lots of styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down.  This week we've rounded up all of our hair and beauty posts from 2013 for you, each post is broken down in a particular style of hairdos. Click on the image... read more
I love this color palette of white, gold, green and black.  And not just as holiday wedding colors... I think this color combo would be beautiful for any wedding in colder months. Aside from the lovely colors, this post doubles as a really fun DIY project too!  This DIY Wreath would be very sweet to hang... read more