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Styled Winter Shoot

author , posted in Weddings
Photo Source • JoPhoto Pin It
JoPhoto teamed up with some great vendors for this casual country styled winter wedding shoot in Tennessee! JoPhoto: For this inspiration shoot, the designers at The Bride Link and Custom Love Gifts wanted to portray a winter wedding nestled in the trees with some timeless yet unexpected rustic details. Bl... read more

Emma & Aaron

author , posted in Weddings
Emma and Aaron planned a beautiful Michigan wedding.  Etsy details and some fabulous Kate Spade shoes had Emma smitten!  Here's more from their photographer Rachel from LinneaLiz Photography. Rachel: Aaron and Emma are the type of people you want be friends with. They are kind, fun, and incredibly in lov... read more

Joanne & Andrew

author , posted in Engagements
Photo Source • Infused Studios Pin It
I absolutely love when couples get creative with their engagement photos!  Whether the creativity comes in the form of a unique location, the wardrobe or photo props, consider planning an engagement shoot that is somehow personal and unique to you.  You can even tell a story with your engagement photos.  J... read more

Pretty Palettes #79

author , posted in Theme & Color Inspiration
I am loving this pretty palette for spring wedding colors!  It is the perfect alternative for those wanting spring inspired colors but don't want pastels or bright colors.  The light purple and blush definitely say spring and the muted teal, tan and dusty rose make the overall palette feel more relaxed and ... read more