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Nicole & Todd

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Jenn Hopkins Photography recently captured some adorable photos from Todd's surprise proposal to Nicole!  She's here to tell you all about it... Jenn: Nicole and Todd had been dating quite a while, and Nicole had always wanted to send out Christmas Cards with their photo on it. She waited year after year... read more
Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
Giving experience gifts is one of my favorite options for unique bridal shower and wedding gifts. It's a great gift for couples who really enjoy going out and doing new things all the time. But this kind of gift isn’t only for venturesome couples! Experience gifts are also fun for couples who don’t get o... read more
Lately I’ve been on a total blueberry kick. Blueberries with breakfast, in smoothies and dessert... I love it all! Not only are they a sweet and healthy treat, the blue hues in the berries are just lovely! Pulled from a tasty dessert recipe for a Blueberry Lemon Napoleon Dessert over on She Wears Many Ha... read more