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Monica & Michael

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Photo Source • Expose the Heart Pin It
Irene and David from Expose the Heart Photography are with us today to share a sweet elopement that was planned and styled to perfection... in just one week! Irene: Michael and Monica's elopement was anything but ordinary! With old doors, vintage suitcases,cameras, and vintage lanterns as the ceremony bac... read more
Photo Source • WELL in LA Pin It
In my search fore this week’s inspiration, I discovered two fabulous things... a palette of lovely pink and green wedding colors and watermelon radishes! Watermelon radishes!! What are these things and how have I never even heard of them before? The outer layer is a lovely limey green and the inside is... read more
Hats and headwraps are always fun accessories to add to your outfit!  I especially love these easy honeymoon accessories!  Chances are, you're looking to relax on your honeymoon... not spend time deciding on how to accessorize your look!  Today's round-up is filled with some of my favorite items you ca... read more