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Lacy & Michael

author , posted in Weddings
Lacy and Michael were a couple of DIY rockstars when it came to their wedding day.  They made all of the details and decor for this rustic barn wedding!  Michael designed and built all of the structures for the ceremony area and the décor of the tables and cake area and Lacy, who has a small cake business,... read more

Pretty Palettes #111

author , posted in Theme & Color Inspiration
Photo Source • I Heart My Groom Pin It
If you're wanting a casual, playful vibe on your big day, rainbow wedding colors are a fun idea!  This whimsical wedding that was recently featured on GWS is a fabulous example of just how sweet a rainbow wedding can be.  Colorful bridesmaid dresses, details, decor... even finger nails! We're loving h... read more

Inspiration: Brides with Bangs

author , posted in Beauty
There are many brides with bangs out there!  Some bangs are short, some are long, some are side-swept.  For most brides-to-be who are rocking bangs, the question comes up... What do I do with them on my wedding day?  Grow them out? Pin them back? Cut them differently?  To give you some wedding hair inspir... read more