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There is a surprising formality in wedding invitation design. It isn't your basic party invitation, after all. There are clear etiquette dos and don'ts. For instance, knowing how to address someone is always a bit confusing. What is proper these days? Ms., Miss, Dr., Captain, first names, middle initials -- t... read more
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Choosing a wedding location is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process.  the location of a wedding sets the mood for the whole day. Will your wedding be a beach wedding, a country club wedding or a destination wedding? Nowadays, couples try to think about wedding locations in new a... read more
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As we mentioned last week (here), WedLoft is now celebrating our second blogiversary!! We've had an amazing two years filled with absolutely fantastic wedding goodness - inspiration, ideas, vendors, lovely couples in love and more!  To thank you all for coming along for the ride and to celebrate the beginnin... read more