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Before I was engaged, I always knew I wanted to make Save the Dates a part of my stationery suite. I liked getting Save the Dates in the mail. Not only did they signal an upcoming wedding, but also gave me plenty of time to make arrangements to be out of the office and travel if necessary. Why would I settle ... read more
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Important Elements of an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony I live in the midwest in the Kansas City area. The area is known for its unpredictable weather. Kansas City also is in tornado alley and we get our fair share of severe weather during the months of April, May and June. So why am I taking such a huge risk by h... read more
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Stress-Free Wedding Planning Checklists Help with Wedding Details Currently, I’m a project manager at an advertising agency. My day is full of setting time lines and priorities and making sure projects are completed right and on time. It’s only natural that I would take that approach with the biggest pro... read more
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Florists, soloists, caterers, dresses, tuxes, transportation—there’s so much to do and so many vendors to call when planning a wedding. Why not kill about 50 birds with one stone by attending a local bridal fair or expo? Bridal fairs are great ways to meet with multiple vendors, try out some tasty treats ... read more
It takes me forever to purchase something, whether it’s a new gadget or a fabulous pair of shoes. It’s not that I am indecisive. I’m just picky about where my money goes, especially during these unstable economic times. I rarely pay full price for anything and I’m always searching for a better deal. I... read more