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As a recent bride and someone completely obsessed with weddings, I’ve attended my fair share of bridal shows and events, and one of the best, if not THE best in my opinion is the New York Weddings Event, which occurs every spring in New York City. From the atmosphere, to the quality of the vendors, to the g... read more
My Publisher Photo Book
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For anyone who doesn’t really see the need for a book of guest signatures after the big day, check out some of my favorite alternative guestbook ideas, which you will actually use when all is said and done. My favorite, and what I used, is a coffee table book filled with pictures of us throughout the yea... read more
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In one of my earlier posts I designed a wedding around an inspirational bedroom from West Elm’s website. I had so much fun with that piece, that I decided to do it again – but this time based on a picture of a living room from Broyhill Furniture’s website. In these cold, drag days of winter, I was to... read more
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If you are searching for the perfect wedding favor, look no further – I found the most perfect custom cookies a gal could want (well, with the help of my friend, Jess, whose friend Allison is the owner of Peace Love Cookies ... and who was nice enough to send me my own sampling of cookies to taste!) Not... read more
Photo Credit: West Elm
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Have you ever seen a room designed entirely around one fashionable outfit? Or vice versa? I know I’ve viewed this amazing transformation a few times and have always been intrigued by the thought process and the details that are involved. While roaming around on West Elm’s website the other day, I came ... read more