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You as a Cake Topper!
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I didn’t have a cake topper at my wedding since I couldn’t really find one that I loved, and thought that our cake looked beautiful just as it was. BUT, if I would have known about these customized cake toppers by The Younique Boutique, I would have ordered one without a second thought. They are ri... read more
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Where to Start for Your Bridal Registry If you’re trying to figure out where to register or wondering why you should even bother, I have a few tips that might help guide you in the right direction. If you already have everything you could possibly think of asking for and would rather give to others, why... read more
Winter Wedding Color Ideas
As the winter season approaches, I can’t help but envision my dream winter wonderland wedding. With so many weddings taking place in the spring and summer, a winter wedding is already somewhat unique. And there are ways to make yours even more different and unexpected – with color. Winter Wedding Colors... read more
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An Easy Transition for Changing to your Married Name After Marriage For all you brides who plan on changing your name after you get hitched, I found a fabulous site that does it all for you. Between the IRS, USPS, banks, etc. (the list goes on and on and on) it’s hard to keep track of all the people/places... read more
Wedding Mason Jars
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DIY Bride- Ideas to Create a Rustic Wedding Using Mason Jars When I saw these numbered mason jars on Pottery Barn’s website, I was instantly inspired to dedicate this post to the beautiful, reusable mason jar – a must for any DIY bride or anyone who wants to add a rustic or whimsical feel to their weddin... read more