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clothespin escort cards
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Most brides and grooms chose to assign their guests to tables to avoid seating issues.  But how do you tell your guests what table they should go to?  Escort cards!  These useful cards escort your guests to their assigned table.  In lieu of just a table full of boring little white cards, here are some cre... read more
wedding fitness
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The minute that the engagement ring goes on the finger, most brides think about losing a few pounds. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your bridal body: *Disclaimer:  I am not a health professional. Please consult your doctor before embarking on a new exercise or diet routine. Monitor You... read more
white ring pillow
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Many people think "cutesy" when they think of bows. They can be adorable ... but ... when it comes to weddings, they can also be quite elegant. I shared some gorgeous "bow fashion" in this post recently and today I have more! With bows being a lovely addition to an event, what are some ways to add this sweet ... read more
wedding fashion
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Bows are back!  One of the current trends in fashion is bows.  How can you incorporate this trend into your wedding fashions? Wedding Dress Gone are the days are of the giant little girl bows on the bride's rear end.  Now you can have a bow on your dress regardless of if your style is romantic, classi... read more
football themed wedding
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Planning your wedding is one time when you want to show your guests who you truly are as a couple.  One way to express your personalities is to showcase one of your interests in your wedding ... either in subtle or not so subtle ways.  My fiance and I both love football, and are trying to incorporate our lo... read more