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wedding dress
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Close your eyes.  Imagine your wedding day.  Beautiful.  Gorgeous.  Breathtaking.  Everything down to the very last detail has been planned - and then planned again.  The day of the wedding comes and goes.  A couple of months go by.  You get your pictures back!  As you and your new husband flip thro... read more
Wedding details
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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... and a sixpence in her shoe!?! For hundreds of years, brides have been honoring the tradition of wearing a sixpence in their shoe on their wedding day to bless the marriage with wealth and prosperity. Embarrassingly enough, I had never hea... read more
wedding place cards
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Place cards.  What is the point of a place card and are they REALLY necessary?  I love place cards!  Actually, most venues prefer them as they not only save a guest's seat but they designate what the guest would like to eat.  Place cards can also let guests know which table they should sit at if a seating... read more
country wedding
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The stars at night... are big and BRIGHT... deep in the heart of Texas (clap clap clap clap)! Ahhhh, what a fabulous song and an even more fabulous state. I love Texas. I love the southwest. I love cowboy boots and hats and all things old western related. I love George Straight. I love singing "Mendocino C... read more