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Wedding Out of Town Bags
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Ideas for Your Wedding Out of Town Guest Bags If you are anything like me, you want your guests to feel pampered and special. The majority of my wedding guests came from out of town. They purchased plane tickets, rental cars and gas, sprung for hotel rooms and all the other expensive extras that go into an... read more

And the Winner is …

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A New Trend for a Modern Wedding What hot trend has been popping up everywhere? I'll give you a hint: it's NOT a fabulous color combination. It's NOT a candy buffet. It's NOT wedding cupcakes in lieu of a traditional cake. Although the aforementioned details make me positively giddy, it is not any of th... read more
candy buffet ideas
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Ideas for a Creative Wedding Reception Candy Buffet Who doesn't LOVE a good buffet? I'm not talking about beef tips and chicken ... I'm talking about the sugary goodness that is candy! Candy buffets have hit the wedding industry with a surge comparable to a bull in a china shop: they are popping up all ov... read more
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I recently heard about the wedding of a couple who's lives were tragically touched by breast cancer. The bride, her mother and grandmother were all personally affected by the disease. October is breast cancer awareness month. In doing research for this blog, I was amazed at the amount of breast cancer awar... read more
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Compromise in A Marriage = SUCCESS! I’ve recently learned a lesson that I have to share with all of you ladies out there. It’s about compromise in a marriage and learning to live with the little quarks of the person you will now be spending the rest of your life with. Last October when my now husband... read more