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wedding gift registry
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A friend of mine recently signed up for a HoneyFund. Not familiar? It’s an online registry for monetary gifts to be used toward your honeymoon. Neat concept, huh? Checks received in the mail cost you nothing, and credit card payments are handled through PayPal (standard rates apply). SmartHone... read more
custom bridesmaid dresses
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Can’t seem to find a bridesmaid dress that fits all your girls’ body types and personalities? Try designing your bridesmaids’ dresses with Lynn Lugo. Various fabrics are offered (colors and patterns), as well as options like a wide sash, flower pin, contrasting midsection, ruffle hem trim and... read more
orange wedding colors
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Two of my best friends got engaged last month, and thus begins the fun of helping them plan! The biggest difference I have noticed between them and myself is their indecisiveness on colors. (Admittedly, I knew my colors before I had the ring.) One of my girls has chosen to get married in the gardens of Mix... read more
wedding registry dinnerware
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Are you preparing to register but don’t know a lick about china? Read on… The search starts with assessing your needs. If you already have an everyday dinnerware set, this is your chance to register for a set of china, maybe even fine china. Choose a formal five-piece setting. There are many options, l... read more
Photo credit: Todd Pellowe Weddings
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Not sure what your groom and his guys should wear on the big day? Grooms, are you looking for something new? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing! And the best part is, there are no rules! Of course, there is always the traditional tuxedo with bow tie. The bow tie is a great way t... read more