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I’ve been engaged for 13 months now and have found myself attending just about every bridal show that comes to town.   I’m not really sure if it’s the planner in me that wants to ensure I’ve been able to visit with every vendor imaginable in the city,  but with each show I attend, I always come pre... read more
wedding videographer
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The wedding video is a topic my fiancé and I have been contemplating for months as we are approaching our wedding day.  The questions that come to mind are:  Will we really watch our wedding video?  Should we save the money and invest it in something else for our reception?  Is it worth it to hire a vide... read more
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Being from different backgrounds, cultures and religions, my fiancé and I decided to incorporate both of our customs and traditions to signify our union as husband and wife.  From the moment we got engaged, including both of our ethnic customs and traditions was something that was very important to us.  Th... read more
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Spruce up Your Party with Elegant Wedding Linens It’s official. You are now husband and wife. Now it’s time to head out to the reception and party! As your guests step foot into your wedding reception, this is the first impression they will have of the fun celebration that lies ahead. When planning y... read more
Guest Book for Wedding
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Guest books are a nice keepsake for couples to remember the loved ones they were surrounded by on their special day. From traditional to modern, here are a couple of ideas to consider for your cherished memento. Standard Guest book for Weddings The standard guest book is still found at weddings today a... read more