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Claudia Endler’s infinitely modern jewels sketch out her fascination with contrast and juxtaposition: ancient and modern, masculine and feminine, the complex geometry of Los Angeles and the serenity of the summer ocean, the commitment to others and the joy of finding your own voice. Her designs occupy the private collections of some of L.A.’s top cultural leaders, including museum curators, architects, gallery directors, artists, and other jewelry designers. Creating custom engagement ring and wedding bands for over a decade, she continually promotes art and design through her gallery, Cero Space, as well as through social media.

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Gold Rush Trend

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Twenty Four karat gold is the most luxurious of colors and the purest form of gold. It is also very soft and rarely will you see it in jewelry. Gold is alloyed with other metals to give it strength which reduces the gold content, making 18k 75% pure gold and 14k 58% pure gold. The color is richer the higher t... read more
While round brilliants are still the number one diamond shape, the elegant oval offers some contemporary alternatives.  A classic in its own sense of the word as the elongated shape are equally flattering on large or small hands and gaining popularity. Style There are many wonderful variations on theme h... read more
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Out with the old, in with the old.  Antique engagement jewelry is "IN". Here are a few things to consider when selcting out your antique jewelry piece. Age: Know the difference between estate and antique jewelry.  Antique by definition is at least 100 years old.  Vintage should not be used to referen... read more

Storing Your Pearls

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Summer lovin' is drifting away.  With Fall 2013 pearls will all be the rage (again) -- just look at Alexander McQueen's latest pearl obsession. Lazy summer days are no excuse to take it easy on your pearls' pampering. Pearls are organic gems that require extra TLC. Pearls are sensitive to common person... read more