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bridal hair styles
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Trying to figure out how to wear your hair on your wedding day is no easy task.  Especially with the Internet at our fingertips, there are so many pictures of updos, down-dos and half updos.  I’ll try to help you narrow it down. First and foremost is to think about the weather and time of year ... read more

Pre-Wedding Hair

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Most brides are concentrating so much on THE day that they can sometimes overlook how important they must look for the pre-wedding festivities. Brides need to save money where they can and can't always run to the hair salon for every event (although a live-in stylist would make life so much easier!). Instead ... read more
classic bridal looks
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Not all brides are comfortable pulling off a vintage look, but there are numerous ways to be vintage and not over the top. Vintage does not necessarily mean Marilyn Monroe (although sometimes it does!).  There are so many different eras that fall into the vintage category but all have one thing in common…... read more