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Over the past 24 months, there has been an explosion in the  popularity of uplighting  at weddings & upscale events. It wasn't that long ago when it required a considerable amount of money, lots of electricity, a specialty lighting company & many hours of preparation to light an event facility. It ... read more
Wedding Reception Music
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Suggestions for Choosing Wedding Reception Music 1. Think of everyone who will be attending your wedding reception. Picking the music for your wedding reception, if not done carefully, can be like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Don't let your play-list be like a cart full of junk food. Before... read more
I was sitting on the beach of my vacation spot when I first learned of the pending Hurricane Danny. The news hardly effected the other vacationers but my situation was different. In two days I was scheduled to play music at an outdoor wedding that was in the path of this potentially devastating weather system... read more