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You’re planning your dream wedding. Chances are you have a budget for your wedding (let’s hope). How often do you chat about the budget or any of your finances with your financé? Is it a pleasant experience — one you both look forward to or do you avoid it like the plague? Regardless of your own... read more
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You’re planning your dream wedding. You don’t want to think about money and finances. But what’s the number one cause of relationship breakdown? Money –more than sex and crazy in-laws put together. Fights, arguments, power struggles...all over money. I’m here to help you avoid those conflicts an... read more
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In my previous post, I talked about my money story and how it showed up in my life. What’s really the message that you got from your family’s money story? In my own example, the message I got was that I was not good enough —I didn’t deserve money. This may sound familiar to some of you. My m... read more