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Wedding Color ideas
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After my original pink and green idea was off the table, I was lost with color choices.  I went with my sister, Selena, and her friend to Michael’s Craft store for inspiration and we spent some time in the wedding area, but nothing was jumping out at me. At the time, I was still seeing pink and green. Then... read more
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Invitations!! You’re ready to pick them out, but what to do!? Do you go with traditional? Contemporary? Unique? Tropical? There are so many options out there, but how do you know what invitation is the right fit for you? If you aren’t a crafty individual, your best option is to... read more
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I am almost 30 days from my wedding so it is CRUNCH time!! I actually went to a wedding today and it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The wedding colors were pink and brown ... but more pink than brown. It took me back to when Erik and I were discussing wedding color choices. We are getting married on the be... read more
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I had a terrible dream last night. In this dream my venue had double booked my wedding date so I had to have a double wedding with a stranger. Then, my photographer didn’t show up until after the ceremony and I didn’t even notice because the other bride’s photographer was taking so many pictures that my... read more
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Last month my mom and I went to a bridal show held at a local venue.  If I didn't have most of my vendors already picked out, I would have been very overwhelmed ... so I'd like to give you some tips on how to successfully conquer the bridal showdown. The first thing you need is tickets. Purchase your ... read more