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Planning Your Wedding
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Floating on Cloud 9 After Your Wedding Engagement Within twenty-four hours of being engaged, Erik saw the side of me that I had kept hidden away from him. Most girls know this side of them. It’s the side of you that scribbles your name paired with his name just to see how it looks. The side that practices ... read more
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Picking my wedding date The first big accomplishment with our wedding planning was picking our wedding date and where to have the ceremony. Erik and I became exclusive on July 4th and we didn't want an Independence Day wedding. We considered April 7th to be the big day because it's 7/4 backwards. How... read more
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Have you ever seen that beer commercial with the talking dog? Basically, it’s a humorous commercial that claims it’s everything you could want in a beer even the ability to talk to animals. So the guy walks in, beer in hand, while talking to his dog. Hey Boy, he says to his dog. How was your day? Saus... read more