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dyed roses
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As a bride, I am sure you look at bridal magazines and websites and find bouquets and flowers that you are just not a fan of. Florists feel the same way...except we know of far more flower varieties so we usually hate even more of them than the average person! Here is a list of flowers that I am not a ... read more
wedding music soundtrack
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Typically you don't think of the flowers, decor AND music as defining the feel of your wedding, but by definition, AMBIANCE is the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc. of an environment. This means the venue itself, lighting, linens, flowers, flatware, china, glassware, and paper items should be p... read more
mexican wedding theme
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In honor of Cinco de Mayo--I wanted to do a post about one of my favorite things...COLOR! I love COLOR. Both as an artist and a florist, I just cannot get enough of it! Perhaps that is why I LOVE Mexican-inspired weddings. From Cinco de Mayo-themed fiestas to Dia de Los Muertos ones, there is no shortage of... read more
nautical wedding centerpieces
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A few months ago, one of my brides changed her theme/wedding look from a modern black, white and fuchsia color scheme to a nautical navy affair with white, silver, hot pink and green colors added to the color palette. I was so happy with the change! As a florist, it made things much more fun for me as there... read more