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Kristina & Paul

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fun wedding photography
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Featured New England Wedding Photographer: John LoConte This week's featured photographer is John LoConte. John is a seasoned photographer who is an absolute pleasure to have at any wedding!  I have been fortunate enough to have been in one of the weddings that John has recently shot and it was a great expe... read more

Mariah & Tomas

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Wedding Photography
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Benjamin DiCaprio's Creative Wedding Photography We are lucky to have Benjamin's captivating wedding photography featured again as he shares the marriage of Mariah and Tomas Guardia with us. Benjamin and his team were with the couple for 17 full hours from prep to reception and after in Panama City, Panama o... read more

Kristen & Bryan

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Photo credit: Ashley Brockinton Wedding Photography
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Featured Wedding Photography Today's featured wedding photography is from the wedding of Kristen and Bryan Douglass. The photography experts ironically are a married team of photographers, Ashley & Sam Brockinton. Ashely & Sam provide stunning Contemporary, Unique and Classic style wedding photograph... read more

Sarah & Mark

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Our featured photographer this week is Eric Limon.  Based in Western Mass, in the beautiful Berkshire Hills, Eric shoots throughout the greater New England area and sees weddings as a time to celebrate love, joy, friendship, and family.  His goal is always to capture the feelings and emotions of the day thr... read more

Abyssinia & Martin

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Benjamin DiCaprio is our first photographer to be featured as a part of Macro Mondays - A Close Up Look at Our Favorite Photographers. Benjamin is a talented photographer who is known to travel the world photographing people and their intimate connections with others. He has kindly shared with us photograp... read more