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photobooth mustache
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Have you ever been to a wedding with a photo booth in it? Photo booths are a fun way for guests to get involved in the wedding and take goofy pictures of themselves. It is also a great way for both you and your guests to remember your day. If it isn't in your budget to rent an actual photo booth, you can c... read more
ruffle wedding cake
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Have you ever seen a wedding cake made with ruffles?? Not real ruffles made out of fabric (that wouldn't taste too good biting into!) but made with an icing technique that mimics ruffles. The ruffles really dress the cake up and give it a nontraditional beauty! Check out some of these gorgeous cakes: ... read more
bridesmaid cards
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I love the idea of formally asking your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding.  These girls will have to put out a lot of time and money helping you prepare for your big day, so it's a nice touch to show them you will appreciate their help with a formal invitation!  Here are some easy but fun ideas I've ... read more
ruffle wedding dress
What could be more girly and feminine than ruffles?? If you are a fan of ruffles, don't think that only your wedding dress could be ruffled, your whole wedding could have ruffle accents! Starting with the dress: short pleated ruffles make a big statement. To be a little more balanced, pick a dress w... read more
wedding aisle petals
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It seems all the buzz in planning out wedding decor seems to center on the site of the reception site.  The ceremony site is important too though! Especially the aisle, the first place you will be making your appearance on your big day! In reality, we really want all of the attention on us as we walk down th... read more