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wedding portraits
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Wedding portraits are probably something you've put lots of thought into. Where should we take them? Who should be in them? How should I pose? Will my cheeks hurt by the time I'm done? (the answer to that last one is "yes" by the way). But have you ever thought outside the camera? Wedding portraits don't h... read more

Happy Feet

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pink wedding shoes
Between walking down the aisle and dancing the night away, your feet will be a big part of your wedding day. Don't forget to dress them up too! Shoes have come a long way since simple white dye-able pumps. While those can still be awesome, why not try something with a little more "flair." Just pick a style t... read more
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Not everyone is into fancy ballrooms and stretch limos. Sometimes a rustic wedding is just the thing a down-home, country couple needs to make their day perfection! Here are some great ideas to help you make your rustic wedding gorgeous and perfectly you. With just a few simple decorations, like Chr... read more
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One of my fiancé' and I's main concerns is making sure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed at our wedding. This meant picking a place that's easy to get to (even if you have to fly in or drive a distance), having the reception at a hotel so no one has to worry about drinking and driving, making sure eve... read more
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I once read in a magazine that all guests really want is a favor they can eat, and, after a moment of picturing my Great Aunt holding a shot glass with "Bottoms up!  Jay and Renee  July 2010" engraved on it, I realized that that was pretty good advice. I did a web search and quickly found out that ... read more