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Weddings are about being with the people we love, including those that may have passed away. There are many different ways to remember and honor the people who share your day in spirit. The most traditional (or at least the most common way I've seen) to honor a passed family member is by reserving a chair ... read more
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Whether you're having a fully catered post-wedding bunch or a simple, "hey come over to our place and we'll order some pizza" soirée, here are a couple handmade upgrades that will help add just a little something extra while everyone winds down from the big day! Let guests know what you're serving wit... read more
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If your family is anything like mine, you'll be having quite a few little ones present for your big day.  While kids can be a blessing, they also get bored rather quickly.  I know I do, and I'm way beyond the "little one" stage. So while dinner, drinking, and dancing may be enough to entertain the adults, i... read more
Envelope Liners from Smock Letterpress
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So after pouring through websites, and books, and magazines, you've finally picked your invitations (and, of course, they're stunning), but maybe you want to give them that "little something extra." Something that will just WOW your guests. Well, the answer may be envelope liners! They're cheap. They're eas... read more
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Different Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts They've been there to guide your future husband as he prepares for the big day. They're there to stand beside him as he says his vows. They're there to make sure he doesn't break his ankle trying to do a handstand during the bachelor party BBQ. Shouldn't you get your gro... read more