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The Invitation Ensemble

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You might think of the wedding invitation as just a single of a piece of paper that provides details of the ceremony. In truth, a wedding initiation is an ensemble of pieces. Understanding the role each plays is critical to making sure you use them correctly. For example, what are the announcements for exactl... read more
What you say on a wedding invitation is just as important as how you say it. The wedding invitation is a guidepost that tells guests facts about your special day. There is a lot of glitz and glamour that goes into the wording, but ultimately, you need to get a few key points across. The day of the ceremony, t... read more

Wedding Invitation Accessories

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Accessories in the world of wedding invitations are the same as they are anywhere -- small touches that add extra pizzazz to the overall ensemble. They provide that wow effect that the basic invitation lacks. A splash of color maybe, a customized tidbit that makes the guest look twice or just something small ... read more
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Why do some wedding invitations use "honour" and others "honor" on the request line? You might have thought the invitation would be one of the easier tasks for your wedding, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The invitation makes a statement about the event and putting together the proper request lin... read more
The wedding invitation is a sneak peak at the actual event. It tells guests the mood of the ceremony, casual or formal, for example. It gives them pertinent details to RSVP, find the location and when to attend. This information comes via some rather complex, yet seamless, etiquette standards. The most effici... read more