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Photo Credit: IN Photos Inc., Mandap Design: Suhaag Garden Inc.
Photo Credit: IN Photos Inc., Mandap Design: Suhaag Garden Inc. Pin It
At the center of every Hindu wedding is the 'mandap' or wedding canopy- a four pillared structure under which the bride and groom exchange their vows. It is in this sacred sanctuary that the ceremony takes place along with the auspicious wedding fire. The four pillars are said to represent the four goals of a... read more
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There is nothing like two cultures coming together to celebrate one unified cause. Sometimes, if we're lucky, it happens during one of the most special occasions ... a wedding! After initially shocking my family with the news that a) I was not going to marry someone from the same region of India as me b)... read more
Wedding Favor Donation
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Try Creating Unique Wedding Favors Have you ever received a wedding favor that you had no idea what to do with? While it is a little known fact that wedding favors are not mandatory, why not give your guests something that they won't put away into their ‘wedding favors for which I cannot find any practical... read more
Wedding Pictures
Photo Credit: Yun Gen Yang Photography Pin It
A Day in the Life of A Talented Wedding Photographer On an ordinary day, Yun Gen Yang can often be found capturing sun kissed brides against the backdrop of a majestic ocean, or bustling through the streets of a busy city documenting blissfully happy couples in their most priceless moments, or even hanging ... read more
Wedding Makeup
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Finding the Right Indian Wedding Makeup Artist If you are a South Asian bride, you will understand the angst and frustration involved in finding the right makeup artist for your wedding. There are two things we want to avoid with wedding makeup: First is the use of the wrong foundation (which has mired South... read more