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DIY moss monogram
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I absolutely adore moss-covered letters for weddings! They are just so festive and special to look at. Moss covered letters can easily work for any wedding event, you can easily spell out the couples last name, do their initials or do something out of the ordinary, like the ampersand symbol. The possibilities... read more
Photo credit: Red Box Weddings
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It’s all the small details that set one wedding apart from the rest. One detail that most brides over look are her shoes! No, I do not mean buying the perfect shoes. I mean decorating the perfect shoes! Brides are personalizing their shoes by decorating the bottom of their soles with drawings, written m... read more
guest book alternatives
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The Guest book can easily be the least memorable thing at a wedding. Think about it, guests arrive in a hurry to find their seats or mingle in groups and tend to rush through the guestbook area. Some guests might even forget to sign the guest book. Try to think of new and interesting ways to make your gues... read more
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Ask any bride what her favorite movie was when she was a little girl. For our generation (and those before) there is a good chance that the movie was ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ To show a little homage to this classic flick, why not consider poppies as your wedding flower? The poppy is a classic flower but... read more

Bow Ties For Your Guys

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colorful bow ties
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Many people attend wedding after wedding, especially during wedding season.  So it can be fun to mix it up a little bit. Brides and bridesmaids get the opportunity to be creative with their wedding apparel. Girls tend to keep all the details of the weddings they've attended in mind. What the bride was wearin... read more