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diy glitter champagne flutes
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Wedding champagne flutes can be quite pricey! If you're on a tight wedding budget but still want embellished or customized champagne flutes for your wedding day, there are plenty of DIY options that are inexpensive and easy to do! I've rounded up some of my favorites from around the web below.  Click on any ... read more
wedding ring dish
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Some couples today are choosing to use ring dishes rather than a ring pillow in their ceremony. Even if you're not planning to use one during your ceremony, they can make an adorable little wedding gift or keepsake.  Below is some inspiration for those of you who would rather buy... and a tutorial for those ... read more
diy valentine desserts
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Does your valentine have a sweet tooth? Here are a few ideas for some sweet DIY treats you can make for Valentine's Day... DIY Heart Brownies with Cupid's Arrow - Use a heart shaped cookie cutter for your brownies and this tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion to make the arrow toppers! This is a simi... read more
diy wedding tutorials
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Recently we posted a two-part post of the 101 DIY Wedding Projects Round Up that was super popular with all the crafty couples out there!! Just in case you missed either Part I or Part II, today we are posting the full list for you! Here goes ... Planning a wedding will certainly provide you with a full an... read more
DIY wedding ideas
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My fiancée and I are pretty big wine drinkers. We’re also fairly lazy which means we have plenty of empty wine bottles piling up in the recycling area. So, all of these dusty bottles got me wondering how I could reuse them in a fun way for our wedding. I love reusing items we already have at home because n... read more