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diy wedding dress
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Any bride who makes her own wedding dress is an all-star in my book! A DIY wedding dress is a big deal! Hats off to those of you who have successfully made your own wedding dress... and even to those who made an attempt. If you're considering taking on this challenge as well, I have some inspiration for you. ... read more
diy wedding tutorials
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Recently we posted a two-part post of the 101 DIY Wedding Projects Round Up that was super popular with all the crafty couples out there!! Just in case you missed either Part I or Part II, today we are posting the full list for you! Here goes ... Planning a wedding will certainly provide you with a full an... read more
DIY wedding
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Calling all die-hard DIY brides! If you love DIY projects and are planning a DIY wedding ... this post may be for you. I love the idea of including handmade projects in your wedding day. It gives a nice personal touch and can often save you some serious cash. Today I’d like to share some ideas, inspir... read more