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5 Pretty Package DIYs

author , posted in Favors & Gifts
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I think we can all relate to feeling a little elated when we're handed a gift.  For me!?  What could it be!?... You know how it is. I always like to add a little something special, like a bow or a paper flower, to make the gift packages I give just a little prettier.  Creative little accessories or wrap... read more

Roundup: DIY Wedding Signs

author , posted in Decor
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Signs are a fun way to add personalization to your wedding day.  They also come in handy as a stylish way to point your guests in the right direction or to display a message or quote.  So to help inspire some creativity for your wedding, today I've rounded up some of my favorite DIY wedding signs! DIY Ma... read more

Roundup: DIY Hairstyles

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Some brides choose to do their own hair for their wedding.  I know most tend to leave their hair in the hands of a professional on the day of the wedding.  I always find tutorials helpful when trying to manage my own hair.  So, whether you want to do your own hair on the big day or even for any of your wed... read more