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Engraved Wedding Bands

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Engraved wedding bands are a lot like promises that are usually made to your special someone. Before you set your engraving in metal, here are just a few styles and ideas to consider. Short and Sweet :  There's an entire array of messages to choose from. An obvious choice would be romantic engravings... read more
Staying local when buying your jewelry is the epitome of eco-chic luxury. Buying locally usually means custom designs, personal attention and a smaller carbon footprint. The queen of luxury, Coco Chanel, began as a local seamstress, and she had direct one-on-one consultations with her clients. While you might... read more
vintage diamond rings
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This three-part series will help brides consider eco-chic jewelry that will make them look stunning, be good to the environment, support their fellow human beings and sustain their local economies.  One way is to repurpose jewelry and consider other materials. Part One covered recycled metals and Part Tw... read more
orange wedding invitation
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Q: I am in a predicament about how to word the following thought on a wedding invitation. My fiancée and I are not in need of the usual home wares, linens, etc. that people usually list on the wedding registry. We would prefer to receive monetary gifts in lieu of the usual barrage of house wares that wou... read more