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hanging wedding decor
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Every bride planning her own wedding has asked at some point:  How do I make an impression with my wedding decor without going overboard? Make a statement from Floor to Ceiling!!  We decorate floors, tables, aisles and walls, even the bathrooms.  One of the latest trends this year has us looking UP. ... read more
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Many modern women are trying to lead a greener lifestyle, many brides are also looking to make their wedding day greener.  This three-part series will help brides choose eco-chic jewelry that will make them look stunning, be good to the environment, support their fellow human beings and sustain their local e... read more
engagement announcements
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Q: My fiancé and I were engaged recently. We are ecstatic and excited to let the whole world know. I am told there is a time frame to consider if and when announcing the engagement in the newspaper. We are planning a wedding for Valentine's Day in two years. When can we announce our engagement? A: Con... read more

Diamond Clarity

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diamond clarity
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Diamonds are symbols of eternity. Along the same vein, for a bride, her diamond ring is a symbol of an eternal commitment; it has to be perfect.   The reality is, perfection in a diamond, like in life, is an elusive ideal because most diamonds are full of flaws.  After all, I think the “rough” in ... read more
Photo Credit: designed by Izzy Girl
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Q: My best friend is about to be married. She has asked me how she can word on the invitations "no children please" without hurting people's feelings or making them angry. This is her first wedding and she wants everything to be perfect, and is very concerned that with children present there will be cryi... read more