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tiffany blue heels
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It's time for Part 2 of my Something Blue Shoes posts! Yesterday I shared some sapphire blue wedding shoes.  Today are my favorite heels in shades of Teal and Tiffany blue. Enjoy! BCB Generation 'Landee' Pump Adrian Wedge Sandal 7 Wedge Sandal Blue Kafi PU Moon Maven Wedge ... read more
purple wedding shoes
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When it comes to customizing your wedding attire, one of the best options for your feet is dyeable shoes!  It’s an awful feeling to fall in love with a pair of shoes only to learn that they aren’t sold in the color you’re looking for! Dyeable shoes are perfect because you are able to choose the style y... read more
Photo Credit: Pieter M. van Hattem / Contour by Getty Images
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This week I've been digging the music of the Alabama Shakes. Their bluesy sound along with amazing vocals by Brittany Howard have been playing on repeat around here. And since I'm always happy to share my favorite tunes with you, here is a playlist for you to enjoy this weekend... If you're looking f... read more
washi tape for walls
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Man, oh man... when I saw THIS post over on The Ruffle House, I got butterflies in my stomach!  I am over-the-top giddy about this new discovery. You may remember from my post way back when where I wrote about my love for washi tape and all of the super cool wedding projects that can be done with it!! (If no... read more