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I love the approach this bride took to create a country-inspired wedding. Unique ideas and personal touches make a wedding special and this crafty bride went out of her way to step out-of-the-box. She creatively embellished mini dressers that she found at Michael's craft store and featured them as her centerp... read more

Sarah & Mark

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Our featured photographer this week is Eric Limon.  Based in Western Mass, in the beautiful Berkshire Hills, Eric shoots throughout the greater New England area and sees weddings as a time to celebrate love, joy, friendship, and family.  His goal is always to capture the feelings and emotions of the day thr... read more
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Everybody knows that signature drinks are all the rage at weddings these days, right?  After all, it is a great way to personalize your wedding reception and ensure that your guests are not only entertained, but well hydrated. However, in reality, selecting a signature drink that is unique and that also ... read more

Abyssinia & Martin

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Benjamin DiCaprio is our first photographer to be featured as a part of Macro Mondays - A Close Up Look at Our Favorite Photographers. Benjamin is a talented photographer who is known to travel the world photographing people and their intimate connections with others. He has kindly shared with us photograp... read more
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Cookie-cutter weddings are definitely a thing of the past. Weddings today are designed to reflect each couple's unique personality. Personalizing your wedding is easier than ever with all of the customizable options available to support just about any wedding theme. However, with choice, sometimes comes anxie... read more