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Customizing t-shirts and tank tops with bleach designs is a fun DIY idea for personalized gifts for you and your wedding party!  Mr. & Mrs. t-shirts for your honeymoon, shirts and tank tops that have "bridesmaid" and "groomsmen" on them, you name it!  You could also make a monogram tank, like the one be... read more
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There are SO many different styles of cake toppers available for weddings today.  Many of which can be customized just for you!  Here are some of my current favorites.  First up are custom toppers for those of you who you like to buy!... Bride & Groom Bicycle Topper Mini Poms Cake Topper ... read more
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There are plenty of brides out there that choose to wear their hair all or mostly down... and it looks stunning!  Pull just a little bit back, wear a veil or a hair accessory and your hair will still look special for your wedding.  Simple hairstyles can be very elegant. ... read more