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Marissa & Jon

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bride getting ready
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Marissa and Jon's Greenville, North Carolina wedding was a beautiful event that combined tradition with bright pops of color.  Bright purple bridesmaid dresses and a colorful guestbook tree gave their event a modern, playful spin.  Thanks to The Burks Photographers for sharing these photos with us! H... read more
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Thinking of forgoing traditional floral centerpieces on your wedding day?  Whether you're looking for centerpieces that are unique or you're on a tight budget and would like to avoid the heavy price tag that can come along with professionally designed floral arrangements, there are lots of options besides fl... read more
Wedding Color Palettes
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I love when I come across a pretty palette that can also end up as a beverage in my hand!  The beautiful photo below also has a recipe to go along with it!  This photo is from a recipe for Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch from Averie Cooks.  Looks lovely and sounds delish!  I will definitely be doing a... read more

Big Food… Small Bites!

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mini wedding food
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The mini food trend is super hot right now!  I mean...everything is cuter and WAY more fun in miniature, right?  You can also offer guests a variety of different foods...think appetizers, entrees AND desserts...without breaking the bank.  Plus, your guests can easily pop bite sized foods into their mouths.... read more

Crazy for Cake Pops!

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purple cake pops
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Mmmm cake.  I love cake.  When it comes to a form of cake that I can pop in my mouth without using utensils - aka cake pops?  That, my good people, is an out-of-the-park-home-run in my book!  Done and done.  Not only are cake pops mighty tasty, they are also super cute!  They're perfect for a weddin... read more