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Danica & Bryce

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This maternity shoot turned surprise proposal is totally adorable!  Bryce planned it out all on his own and surprised Danica... and the photographers!!  Becky from Just for You Photography will tell you how it all played out... Becky: This shoot one of the most amazing of my 2013 year! I had met Danica ... read more

Sarah & Toby

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Talk about creative proposals... Toby's surprise proposal to Sarah was definitely unique and one that involved a whole of sneaky planning by Toby.  Mylah from Eureka Photography was in on the plan from the start.  She's here today to share the proposal story and her photos of the surprise! Mylah:  T... read more

Cassie & Jason

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Peter Gubernat Photography is here today to share the story and his wonderful photos from Jason's surprise proposal to Cassie.  Take it away Peter! ... Peter:  I first met Cassie and Jason about 2 years ago at a salon opening party. They were seriously one gorgeous couple. Naturally I reached out to them... read more