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Tiffany & Robert

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Photo Source • Le Cape Weddings Pin It
Many guys plan something special for their proposal - a romantic dinner, a significant location... something to make the moment memorable.  Then there are other guys, like Rob, who go above and beyond when it comes to planning a proposal that is extraordinary.  Vicky and Jon from Le Cape, Inc. were on the s... read more

Lindsay & Kent

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Photo Source • Emilia Jane Pin It
Today we have photos from Emilia Jane Photography of a very sweet Chicago Proposal she recently captured!  The surprise proposal took place at dusk in Grant Park and was followed by a night of ice skating. Emilia: I feel so honored to have been able to photograph Kent & Lindsay’s proposal!  I we... read more

Tami & Daniel

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To pull off successful surprise proposal photography, the event must be planned to perfection.  A photographer needs to be in the right place at the right time and sometimes a sneaky approach is necessary.  This is especially true when the photographer knows the couple and can't pass for an innocent bystand... read more

Holly & Nick

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Photo Source • Essenza Studio Pin It
We thought we'd start today off with an adorable proposal story!  It's always fun to hear the stories behind a proposal.  Today we have the details of Holly and Nick's proposal from their photographer, Angela of Essenza Studio. Angela: Nick wanted to propose to Holly in a clever way, so I was called to s... read more