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Whether neat and tidy or intentionally messy, I love bridal buns!  If you're in need of a wedding hairstyle that is classic with an elegant appeal, a bun is a great option.  This hairstyle is especially ideal for brides with bold statement jewelry that they want to show off! This hairstyle looks gorgeous... read more
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There are plenty of brides out there that choose to wear their hair all or mostly down... and it looks stunning!  Pull just a little bit back, wear a veil or a hair accessory and your hair will still look special for your wedding.  Simple hairstyles can be very elegant. ... read more
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Right now I'm SO loving Sephora's Be Your Own Expert guide!  It is definitely my Fave Find of the moment.  Sephora is on board the DIY train and is encouraging ladies to come along for the ride!  As they say... The new school of beauty puts you in charge - no appointments, no waits.  You are your own expe... read more
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Polka Dots. Oh, polka dots... you are my fave!  Thank you for being so wonderfully playful. No matter my surroundings or state-of-mind, you always have a way of turning up the corners of my mouth. For that, I like you... a lot. Have I mentioned my love for polka dots here on Wed Loft before?  Polka d... read more