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DIY Table Runners

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Photo Source • Wednesday Pin It
Runners are a great way to dress up any table!  They can come in all shapes, sizes and styles so it's easy to get a little creative and choose a unique look for your wedding tables.  While there are many places to purchase table runners, they also make a super fun DIY project! Today I've rounded up just ... read more
Photo Source • So Frickin Cute Pin It
Today is a perfect day for an Etsy Eye Candy post!  Agreed?  Good.  This one is all about fall weddings.  Fall is my favorite season of the year... and also one of my favorite times to poke around on Etsy.  The fabulous hand-makers out there seem to embrace this wonderful season by coming out with some t... read more
Creating a stylish place setting design for your wedding day is a great way to add character to your table decor.  With so many different wedding color combos, wedding styles and themes... all bets are off when it comes to creating wedding place settings.  There are no rules.  You can set your places in an... read more
I like bright colors. For me, the brighter the better.  I especially love lime green weddings for summer.  This particular hue of green feels fun, fresh, and a little bit sassy.  Lime green also looks fabulous paired with almost any other color.  No joke!  I have seen this color mixed with pinks, purples... read more