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Tote bags are my fave!  But when it comes to vacations or a trip to the beach, they are an absolute necessity.  Towels, sunscreen, a good book... who could manage to bring all their beach goodies along without a big ol' tote to do the trick? As always, when spring and summer roll around there's a boom of... read more
How many times a day do you look at your computer... or better yet, your phone?  I'd have to say that my number would be about a million and one. Ok, maybe not that many.  But a lot.  Whether I'm checking email, the time or anything else for that matter, I catch a glimpse of my phone and computer screens q... read more
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Hello my loves!  Happy V-Day!  Since this is a day dedicated to love, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some items that highlight (that's right!) the HEART!  There is certainly no shortage of handmade items that are heart related... and yet, I never tire of seeing this sweet little shape popp... read more
If you're in search of wedding table numbers inspiration, you are going to love the photos I've rounded up in this post!  When it comes to table numbers, your options for customization are wide open.  Simple or elaborate, flat or free standing, casual or elegant... you can choose table numbers in any form o... read more